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Roberto Antolin tolanss at yahoo.es
Sat Nov 10 01:21:25 CET 2007

Ciao Corrado,
Maybe, it would be better if you use the english mailing list [1], which I
have added to this mail. I'm sure that here (gvsig_usuarios) there are
some people here who is able to understand and answer to your question
in english but it is not expected to do so. Unfortunately, I'm not able
to answer your question, I'm just a kind of "infiltrated" here although 
I hope I
was of some help.

magari sarebbe meglio se escrivessi alla mailing list in inglese [1] la
quale mi sono permesso di aggiungere al mesaggio. Sono sicuro che qua
(gvsig_usuarios) c'è della gente che è capace di capire e rispondere
alla tua domanda in inglese ma comunque non è ciò che ci si aspetta.
Purtroppo, io non ti posso aiutare, sono una specie di "talpa" in questa
lista anche se spero essere stato utile.

Quizás sería mejor que escribieras a la lista en inglés [1], la cual me
he permitido añadir al mensaje. Estoy convencido que aquí
(gvsig_usuarios) hay gente que entiende y es capaz de responder a tu
pregunta en inglés, pero no es lo esperado. Desgraciadamente, yo no soy
capaz de responder a tu pregunta porque soy una especie de "topo" aquí,
aunque espero haber sido de utilidad.


[1] http://runas.cap.gva.es/mailman/listinfo/gvsig_internacional

Dr. Corrado Ingravallo escribió:
> We are trying the GvSIG-1_1 software, why we think to make it to 
> become an instrument diffused to the inside of our agency, very 
> important for the treatment of the vector/alphanumeric territorial 
> information which we have and that we maintain on database ORACLE in 
> the standard format, and also for ecwp images (by ImageWebServer). In
> absence of the handbook in our language or English language, we have
> met some difficulties to use some technical procedures. For now, we
> have understood that some functionalities are not still available in
> the actual version of gvSIG, and so we ask if there is someone that
> has developed some such solutions for these problematic:
> ᅵ How it is possible to have the functionality of snap (AUTO) in 
> phase of vectorize: In other GIS software, when you are tracing a new
>  polyline or polygon, you may not want to press the button for each 
> node as you go. So you can enable the AUTO NODE function for stream 
> digitizing, and you can drops nodes along the route you are tracing 
> based on your tolerance setting. Is there someone who has developed 
> an AUTO NODE function useful for GvSIG ??;
> ᅵ How it is possible insert data browser window in the map of 
> layout: In other GIS software, when you made a layout you can put 
> into it also a window of data browser. This is not possible in gvSIG
>  and so (example below) I have used one stratagemme making an image 
> file and put it into a layout. Is there someone who has resolved this
>  problem ??;

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