[Gvsig_english] Rasterformats

Luis W. Sevilla sevilla_lui at gva.es
Wed Nov 21 17:27:29 CET 2007

Hi Fran, Sven
Frank Warmerdam wrote:

> Sven Böhme (WhereGroup) wrote:
>> Hi List,
>> does gvSIG supports the following raster formats?
>> Arc/Info Binary Grid
>> Arc/Info ASCII Grid
>> GRASS Raster
>> Erdas Imagine
> Sven,
> An obvious step is to actually try these.
> But my understanding is that gvSIG uses (at least optionally) GDAL for
> extended raster format support.  GDAL is by default built with arc/info
> binary grid, arc/info ascii grid and erdas imagine formats supported.
> GRASS is optional, so I doubt it is included unless some special efforts
> have been made.

you're almost right. We're using gdal for handling raster formats, so
all gdal raster formats are supported for reading.

> I'm speaking about this in a somewhat theoretical way since I don't
> currently
> have a gvSIG install handy and in any event it might depends on
> particular
> build configurations.

> Best regards,

  Luis W. Sevilla
  Responsable de desarrollo gvSIG en la / gvSIG development Chief at
  Conselleria de Infraestructuras y Transporte
  Generalitat Valenciana
  Valencia - Spain

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