[Gvsig_english] jython-Console line in gvSIG... Usable at all?

Antonio Falciano afalciano at yahoo.it
Thu Nov 22 15:17:02 CET 2007

Wolfgang Qual ha scritto:
> Hello gvSIG-users and ~developers,
> just some short questions about the jython console: 
> 1) is there any user who used the jython console (File > Scripting > jython console) within gvSIG?
> 2) If so: for what purpose?

Jython console is useful to test some pieces of code. I used it for
testing when I tried to write some script.

> 3) Can it be used for batch processing?
> 4) Can it be used at all?
> 5) How?

Yes, by code. But you can do batch processing easily writing directly a
Jython script.

Best Regards,

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