[Gvsig_english] New final version of gvSIG available: gvSIG 1.10

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Wed Nov 3 16:28:45 CET 2010

A new final version of gvSIG Desktop has been released: gvSIG Desktop 1.10.

It's available at the Downloads section of the gvSIG website [1]. 

The main new features of gvSIG 1.10 are Sextante 0.6 (GRASS 6.4 interface included) and NavTable extensions integration, and Windows Vista and Windows 7 compatibility. Another new features of this version are: 

    - gvSIG 1.9 bug fixes 
    - Binaries compilation for JVM 1.6 (with JVM 1.5 compatibility) 
    - Pie and bar chart legend 
    - Relative paths support 

The improvements from the previous version, known problems, and other notes can be consulted at [2].

[1] http://www.gvsig.org/web/projects/gvsig-desktop/official/gvsig-1.10/downloads
[2] http://www.gvsig.org/web/projects/gvsig-desktop/official/gvsig-1.10/notas-de-version

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