[Gvsig_english] Problems in Windows 7: hardware accelerator

Juan Jose Marti Navio­ marti_jjo at gva.es
Thu Apr 7 10:41:40 CEST 2011

Good morning everyone.

I could solve the problem of hardware accelerator and I will comment 
here on the list if someone knows it is the same as
can solve. First make a backup gvsig.ini file in case there is any 
problem to have original file.

Trying to add a parameter in the call to java file gvsig.ini, and this 
is what you need to add in the gvsig.ini: -Dsun.java2d.d3d = false. This 
parameter is added to the line of the file beginning with: command = # 
JAVA # [...] right after-Xss1024k

Is as follows:

command = # JAVA #-Djava.library.path = "# GVSIG_INSTALL_PATH # \ 
lib"-cp # CLASSPATH #-Xmx500M-Xss1024k-Dsun.java2d.d3d = false
com.iver.andami.Launcher gvSIG gvSIG / extensions # ARGS #


Juan Jose Marti Navio­ escribió:
> Hi good morning.
> I have a doubt with Windows 7 and I would see if anyone from the list
> can help.
> I work with maps intentandor gvSIG 1.10, by inserting a
> view, north or perform any other operation I have
> hung the map window in which I want to make a change. The
> window me blank and useless.
> I know you can be because of the hardware accelerator
> the graphics card and am trying to disable it, for it do:
> 1 .- Right click on the desktop
> 2 .- Screen Resolution
> 3 .- Advanced Settings
> 4 .- Troubleshooter
> 5 .- Change settings: This button is grayed me as
> if you need any permission to access it. My question is
> Has anyone had this problem? How I can access those
> permits?
> Regards and thanks
> Juanjo.

Juan Jose Marti Navio
Proyecto gvSIG
Consellería de Infraestructuras y Transportes (GVA)
Valencia (España)

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