[Gvsig_english] Eclipse RCP with gvSIG

José Antonio Canalejo Alonso jacanalejo at yahoo.es
Fri Apr 8 12:21:36 CEST 2011

>Dear José,

>thank you for this information. I have signed these three groups to pursue and 
>understand the developments of gvSIG. It would be preferable if the >spanish 
>speaking developers would take more interest on the international developer 
>mailing list. I have learned spanish three years at school, but I >have to take 
>a look on my schoolbooks again before I can enrich this community :-) 

I agree with you. I think all developers worlwide can speak the same language.
gvSIG Internationalization: how to start in other countries. Factors to realize 
the international stabilization, working with the software and current status.

>Do you have any information about some sample code for using the features of 
>gvSIG like adding data to layers and so on? I am feeling a little bit left 
>>alone at this part...

Have you searched it in gvsig.org? I think maybe you can find there something 
similar. If not, please tell it in the list again

>Buen fin de semana :-)

Have a nice weekend :)
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