[Gvsig_english] Proposal for Google Summer of Code 2011 - gvSIG Mini

Rubén Blanco rblanco at prodevelop.es
Wed Apr 13 11:26:29 CEST 2011

Hi Jorge,

The main idea it's create a final API available for any client, the 
proposal includes a final testing part on other clients like OpenLayers, 
after the Android library project for gvSIG Mini has been developed.

Use GeoServer and Geotools sounds really interesting. Also, the 
implementation of part of OGC standards on gvSIG Mini.

Thanks for your feedback,  it's really appreciated,

Ruben Blanco

El 12/04/2011 12:34, Jorge Gaspar Sanz Salinas escribió:
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> El 12/04/2011 12:09, Rubén Blanco escribió:
>> Hi Jukka,
>> The GSoC proposal have two important parts:
>> The first one it's create a documented service that includes all
>> geo-located social network data APIs and returns a single GeoJSON with
>> an unique structure easily interpretable, solving the problem of the
>> different implementations (Youtube, Twitter, Panoramio, Last.Fm,
>> Flickr..) on a cloud computing host like App Engine.
>> The second part it's create a library that interprets the GeoJSON and
>> has the ability to draw and list the information in gvSIG Mini Maps.
>> I think it's a good idea try to implement the standard WFS services in
>> this second development GSoC part, as part of the implementation and
>> testing.
> mmm I'm not sure of this.
> - - I would implement the first part as an abstract provider
> - - Then wrap it as a provider for GeoServer as a GeoTools datastore
> (maybe I'm wrong on the specific vocabulary, sorry)
> - - And then consume it at gvSIG mini using the GeoGJSON output format and
> the most basic WFS requests
> This way you are allowing other clients (OpenLayers, i.e.) to use your
> development and also implementing an OGC standard on gvSIG Mini (or at
> least a part of it).
> And as a extra points, someone afterwards can wrap your abstract
> provider as a gvSIG 2.0 DAL one to be used on gvSIG Mobile and gvSIG
> Desktop... triple win!!! XD
> Hope it helps
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