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Neumann, Tobias tobias.neumann at berner-mattner.com
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Dear Jordi,
I have got a problem with displaying some geodata into the TerrainViewer. 
I have successfully build the example with the cow at the north pole (I have send a screenshot of it), but when I want to load a satellite footprint as texture (chapter "Adding layers") it will not be displayed. 
When the update-method is called (public UpdateDataEvent loadData(RequestDataEvent rde)) the log output is like "Scaling image 'C:\...\World1_24M.jpg' from (7200,3600) to (8192,4096)", but I can only see the grey plane surface of the default terrain. 
I have created the RasterLayer and added it to a new LayerManager. This LayerManager then is getting assigned as the LayerManager of my earth-terrain (just new Terrain()). 
Do you have an easy explanation for this problem?
Thank you


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Hi Tobias, 

The code you are looking for must utilize osgVirtualPlanets (osgVP). The documentation is available here[1], take a look to the Terrain Section. You will find simple snippets of code to achieve this kind of things. Hope it helps. 



2011/4/13 Neumann, Tobias <tobias.neumann at berner-mattner.com>

	I am trying to set up a 3D view with gvSIG. Does someone have got a short code example how to generate and display a default spherical view?
	Thank you!

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