[Gvsig_english] Affine transform of vector layer in gvSIG

Benjamin Ducke benjamin.ducke at oxfordarch.co.uk
Fri Apr 29 09:49:24 CEST 2011

The Topology Extension comes with a geoprocessing tool
that allows many types of transformations for vector
layers, also affine. Of course, v.transform will also do
the job. With v.transform, you can also specify the
parameters of the transformation instead of control points.
Both only work for 2D data.



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> Hello and sorry for the cross-posting:
> Prof. Alberto Beinat asked about the possibility of applying an affine
> transform to a vector layer in gvSIG. I think it's not possible in
> gvSIG or Sextante, but GRASS has a function to do exactly that:
> http://grass.fbk.eu/grass70/manuals/html70_user/v.transform.html
> Does this not mean that it is possible to do what Beinat was asking by
> using gvSIG + Sextante + GRASS?
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> Juan Lucas Domínguez Rubio
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