[Gvsig_english] network analyst

Mario Carrera carrera_marrod at gva.es
Mon Jun 4 09:56:43 CEST 2012

Hi Pedro,

it seems that it's a problem in your layer, a shapefile is not correct. 
You must clean it previously, and then you must test the connectivity, etc.

You can do it with the Topology extension, but it's still on 
development, so we recommend you to install it on a new gvSIG 1.11 
installation, and make a copy of your data previously.

For the next times, you can attach the gvSIG.log file, that saves the 
information of the error. After getting the error, close gvSIG and a log 
file is generated with the error. This file is in C:\Documents and
Settings\{UserName}\gvSIG\gvSIG.log (in Windows) or
/home/$USER/gvSIG/gvSIG.log (in Linux).

Best regards,

El 17/05/12 13:38, Pedro Costa escribió:
> Hello,
> This is my first mail in the list...
> I need to work with network analyst to do service areas but the
> extension give me erros.
> While I create the network give me an error (almost at the end) like the
> image 1 attached.
> Despite this, I click in ok and he network is created.
> But when i need to calculate the service area give another error (image
> 2 attached).
> I tried reinstall gvsig but the problem continues.
> The table of the roads is the image 3 attached.
> Can anybody help me?
> Thanks
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