[Gvsig_english] How to declare the JRE_HOME in gvSIG 1.12?

Francisco Puga fpuga at cartolab.es
Wed Jun 13 16:35:44 CEST 2012

AFAIK that's not possible. Sorry.

gvSIG 1.12 builds the Windows launcher (gvsig-desktop.exe) using
launch4j [1] as it's being done in gvSIG 2.0. The
gvsig-desktop.l4j.ini allows pass arguments to the jre at runtime but
nothing more.

You should make your own gvsig-desktop.exe file to make what you want
but it's easy.

1.- Download launch4j
2.- Hack this file
(see how it's done in the gvsig-desktop of the portable version here [2]

3.- Execute launch4j with your hacked configuration file.
4.- Replace your gvsig executable with yours

The other option is that you create a .bat file similar to this:

or similar to the gvSIG.sh file distributed with the linux version

[1] http://launch4j.sourceforge.net/docs.html
[2] http://gitorious.org/exteielstack/exteielutils/blobs/master/portable_gvsig.xml

2012/6/13 Antonio Falciano <afalciano at yahoo.it>:
> Hi all,
> how to declare the JRE_HOME (or JAVA_HOME) in the new gvSIG
> initialization file gvsig-desktop.l4j.ini in order to avoid the use of
> the system JRE? If I add a JRE_HOME entry in desktop.l4j.ini, gvSIG is
> not executed at all! :(
> Cheers,
> Antonio
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> Antonio Falciano
> http://www.linkedin.com/in/antoniofalciano
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