[Gvsig_english] About gvSIG project files formats (.gvp and .gvproj)

Cèsar Ordiñana cordinyana at gvsig.com
Thu Jun 6 19:11:20 CEST 2013

El 06/06/13 16:08, Antonio Falciano escribió:
> Hi all,
> I have three fundamental questions about the different project files
> formats of gvSIG 1.x and gvSIG 2.0 versions:
> 1) What are the main differences between the .gvp and .gvproj files?
> 2) Will an "Import .gvp file" tool be developed in gvSIG 2.0?
> 3) Why do .gvproj files seem to be more closed than .gvp ones?
> Thanks in advance for your attention.
> Cheers,
> Antonio

Hi Antonio,

1) All of them, it is a new format based on XML Schema and new APIs to 
load and store persistence data. We had problems with the old format to 
maintain compatibility when gvSIG code changed, and the APIs where much 
harder to use. This format is used in other persistence files used in 
gvSIG 2.0: symbols, thematic maps, ...

2) It's in the TODO list, but don't know when. It won't be an easy task, 
at least to be able to restore all info of all gvSIG plugins in a 
project, but at least the most important things (layers, symbology, ...) 
I think could be loaded.

3) In reality its a zip file, just unzip it and will see a state.xml 
file, which is the real project file. The .gvproj file also contains the 
XML Schemas, and maybe other resources needed in the future, like the 
Open/LibreOffice file formats. I think the internal XML is easier to 
read/write/use, but I hope users won't need to edit it very often.


Cèsar Ordiñana Navarro
gvSIG software architect
DiSiD Technologies (http://www.disid.com)

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