[Gvsig_english] Videos of the gvSIG Summer webinars are now available

Mario Carrera mcarrera at gvsig.com
Thu Aug 11 13:11:03 CEST 2016

Hi all,

if you weren’t able to follow the “Getting started with gvSIG” and 
“Vector editing, 3D view and other tools in gvSIG” webinars, and you are 
interested in them, you can watch the videos now at the gvSIG Youtube 

The first webinar was oriented to see the main functionalities of gvSIG: 
how to configure settings, create a view and add layers, apply symbology 
and labelling, reproject layers, manage tables, and create a thematic 

The second one was about how to edit vector layers and use geoprocessing 
tools, how to export the elements of a vector file in gvSIG to KML 
format and load it in Google Earth and how the 3D extension works.

All the information is in these two posts:

Best regards,

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