[Gvsig_english] Problems with WCS

Luis W. Sevilla sevilla_lui at gva.es
Fri Sep 30 15:40:42 CEST 2005

Hi again,
    well, I've discovered the origin of that error, and it comes from a 
completely bad strategy for computing
RESX and RESY parameters.
    I've found a temporal (working and accurate) bypass for that 
problem. on gvSIG WCSClient,
on file FMapWCSAdapter.java you may substitute line 413
        coverageQuery = coverage + crs + boundingBox + time + param + 
resX    + resY + format;
        coverageQuery = coverage + crs + boundingBox + time + param + 
        coverageQuery += "&WIDTH="+sz.width+"&HEIGHT="+sz.height;
after compiling and executing build.xml on gvSIG WCSClient it should be 
working (it has gone here).

I hope it helps

best regards


Luis W. Sevilla wrote:

> Frank Warmerdam wrote:
>> Folks,
>> I have downloaded and installed gvSIG 0.4 today on Linux.  This process
>> went well after I got the provided JRE, JAI and related stuff.
>> I openev a few files in gvSIG, and worked with a WMS layer with no
>> problem.  However, my primary interest is in use of gvSIG as a WCS
>> client.  So I added a layer from my WCS server and got a message
>> about not having RESX, RESY or WIDTH and HEIGHT set.
>> The console window reported the following request had been made:
>> http://maps.gdal.org/cgi-bin/mapserv_dem?&service=WCS&version=1.0.0
>>  &request=GetCoverage&COVERAGE=srtmplus_raw&CRS=EPSG:4326
>> &BBOX=-103.3295836522452,-64.52253483097417,-20.211306014764745,13.496461969851055 
>>  &RESY=28239.318972337784&RESX=28244.963336626388
>> As you can see a BBOX and RESX/RESY values were provided, so the
>> error (from my WCS server) isn't strictly accurate.  However, the 
>> problem
>> seems to be that the RESX/RESY values are extremely large and thus
>> the internally computed WIDTH and HEIGHT are zero.
> I've being checking this and it seems we'have a bug there. We'll try 
> to solve it ASAP.
>> Can anyone comment on why the above RESX/RESY values might
>> have been selected?  At the time I was visualizing most of south
>> america as you can see from the BBOX.  And the layer (and BBOX)
>> are in decimal degrees.
> I've no explanation right now.  Maybe in the way the view works. 
> Perhaps you've loaded layers on UTM or show, moved around, and when 
> you've loaded this layer it trys to show in that way.
> Opening a new view, and adding this WCS as the first layer must work 
> as expected.
> Thanks for your feedback
>    Luis
>> Best regards,
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