[Gvsig_english] some wishes: enhancing the digitzing function of gvSIG

Wolfgang Qual Wolfgang.Qual at gmx.net
Fri Nov 23 10:07:27 CET 2007

Hi list,
after trying to digitize somethin in gvSIG, some possible improvements for this function (which is already quite respectable) came to my mind. 

1) When adding a polygon to an adjacent feature, the user has to draw the all sides of the new polygon. It would be helpful, if it would be possible to "recycle" the border(s) of the existing one. Possible?

2)Really important would be a possibility to split features. If there is a workaround to split features (for example divide a polygon into two polygons) using geoprocessing etc., I would be very interested. Personally, I did not find a solution. Extending features is possible by adding additional vertexes and moving them.

3)A nice-to-have feature: it would be cool,if there was a possibility to automatically update area/perimter/length attributes, if 2) was implemented.

4) Also nice-to-have: tool to directly draw enclave-polygons in one step. At the moment, I first draw the first polygon, cut out the second from it using the "internal polygon tool" (this name is a little bit confusing) and redraw the enclave polyon. Not too important..

Comments are always a pleasure ...:)
Best regards,
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