[Gvsig_english] some wishes: enhancing the digitzing function of gvSIG

pvmstg pvmstg at hotmail.com
Fri Nov 23 18:16:53 CET 2007

Yes.. some very good idea to do.  Hoping to see it in a near future  
Le 07-11-23 à 04:07, Wolfgang Qual a écrit :

> Hi list,
> after trying to digitize somethin in gvSIG, some possible  
> improvements for this function (which is already quite respectable)  
> came to my mind.
> 1) When adding a polygon to an adjacent feature, the user has to  
> draw the all sides of the new polygon. It would be helpful, if it  
> would be possible to "recycle" the border(s) of the existing one.  
> Possible?

Like in arcmap autocomplete where you have just to put a point inside  
the adjacents poly and it use the border to complete the digitize one.
> 2)Really important would be a possibility to split features. If  
> there is a workaround to split features (for example divide a  
> polygon into two polygons) using geoprocessing etc., I would be  
> very interested. Personally, I did not find a solution. Extending  
> features is possible by adding additional vertexes and moving them.

That to is a basic tool to have... Often work great in arcview 3 but  
big problem in arcmap9 where it leave hole... anyway... it's use often.
> 3)A nice-to-have feature: it would be cool,if there was a  
> possibility to automatically update area/perimter/length  
> attributes, if 2) was implemented.
> 4) Also nice-to-have: tool to directly draw enclave-polygons in one  
> step. At the moment, I first draw the first polygon, cut out the  
> second from it using the "internal polygon tool" (this name is a  
> little bit confusing) and redraw the enclave polyon. Not too  
> important..
> Comments are always a pleasure ...:)
> Best regards,
> Wolfgang
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