[Gvsig_english] Development of gvSIG::status of a possible chart-extension

jaume domínguez faus jaume.dominguez at iver.es
Thu Nov 29 09:13:21 CET 2007

Hi, Wolfgang. I heard about Carthema last week. It looks that they 
almost reached the deployment phase. And they look to be a lot busy. 
After this critical phase we will try to merge whatever of their 
advances that make sense to have in gvSIG down to the core.

Maybe they can explain further details. Does someone want to jump into 
this thread?


Wolfgang Qual wrote:
> Good morning developers, hello list.
> A few months ago, there were some posts on this list regarding an extension for creating nice charts. The extension (or standalone program) was called "CARTHEMA", and it sounded very promising to me. 
> Unfortunately, I did not hear anything about the status of this project for quite a long time. Meanwhile, my colleagues asked me: "Will gvSIG allow the user to create such charts?"...
> If you know something about this topic, please do not hesitate to write to this list. I would be grateful to receive some comments...
> Best,
> Wolfgang

Jaume Dominguez Faus

Àrea de Software Lliure
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46005 València
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