[Gvsig_english] tested internal gps on wm 6.5

Marcel Schoolmeesters schoolmeesters at gmx.de
Wed Apr 6 22:10:28 CEST 2011


I've tested the GPS on the smartphone and have even got the device until 

Well, as I said, it is an Samsung OMNIA GT-B7610.

I've tested both, phoneme and J9:


    -> gps works, but phoneme crashes very often...mostly as soon as I
    open a layer...I could test editing (with gps) a few seconds, but
    not very long as well. the gps activity isn't shown often, mostly it
    crashes or even does not respond anymore.

    without gps (e.g. with my own nmea-file) everything is working...


    -> gps seems to search/connect (no error) - but only the "0
    satellites"-symbol appears...i don't see any data...
    without gps no problems as well...

    tested both with the original gvsig version and with my changed one,
    both seems to have the same problems...seem to...

anybody got similar problems with J9?

btw, the color errors (e.g. no name in ToC, white/black switched...) 
depend on the visual themes, as Juan proposed...



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