[Gvsig_english] absolute and relative paths - Ughh

Manuel Madrid mmadrid at gvsig.com
Thu Apr 7 10:44:29 CEST 2011

Thanks for the report, Simon.

Best regards,

Manuel Madrid.
Product and testing manager.
gvSIG project (http://www.gvsig.org).

El 07/04/11 03:46, Simon Cropper escribió:
> Hi,
> I was checking what happened with the absolute and relative path option
> in gvSIG 1.10 and I noted the above 'coding' error.
> Assuming a project file in the MyData directory, an absolute file
> reference like this...
>      /home/simon/MyData/contour.dbf
> will become this...
>      ./contour.dbf
> if you change you relative paths back to absolute paths you end up with
> this...
>      /home/simon/MyData/./contour.dbf
> if you change back to relative you get this...
>      ././contour.dbf
> Seems to me that the parser that converts from relative to absolute
> neglects to remove the './' before concatenating the base path to the
> subdirectory path.
> Although this seems not to worry Linux that much as all you are doing is
> 'moving' in and out of the directories, it is messy and you may wish to
> fix the problem when you get a chance.

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