[Gvsig_english] absolute and relative paths - Ughh

Simon Cropper scropper at botanicusaustralia.com.au
Thu Apr 7 03:46:16 CEST 2011


I was checking what happened with the absolute and relative path option 
in gvSIG 1.10 and I noted the above 'coding' error.

Assuming a project file in the MyData directory, an absolute file 
reference like this...


will become this...


if you change you relative paths back to absolute paths you end up with 


if you change back to relative you get this...


Seems to me that the parser that converts from relative to absolute 
neglects to remove the './' before concatenating the base path to the 
subdirectory path.

Although this seems not to worry Linux that much as all you are doing is 
'moving' in and out of the directories, it is messy and you may wish to 
fix the problem when you get a chance.

Cheers Simon

    Simon Cropper
    Principal Consultant
    Botanicus Australia Pty Ltd
    PO Box 160, Sunshine, VIC
    W: www.botanicusaustralia.com.au

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