[Gvsig_english] IconThemeManager and AndamiOptions

Juan Lucas Dominguez Rubio jldominguez at prodevelop.es
Tue Apr 12 17:16:33 CEST 2011

I have not investigated it a lot, but you can try to call Launcher.main with the arguments:
String[] args = new String[2];
args[0] = "gvSIG";
args[1] = "";
Launcher will look for a the file:
So you can try that after installing gvSIG or after creating a gvSIG folder and copy andami-config.xml in it.
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I am trying to initialize the IconThemeManager but I cannot get an IIconTheme from the AndamiConfig (AndamiOptions is null). I need a theme to instantiate a MapOverViewListener. If the no IconTheme can be found, the instantiation failes (MapOverViewListener: Line 77). Can someone please give me a hint what could be wrong?. When I try to start com.iver.andami.Launcher.java the AndamiOptions are null, too.

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