[Gvsig_english] Cartolab's christmas gift for gvSIG community

Francisco Puga fpuga at cartolab.es
Thu Dec 29 15:28:06 CET 2011

Hi all,
Cartolab wish a merry Christmas for gvSIG community, so we want to
make a little gift for the community :)
We released a new version of the extension tocextra [1], that adds
some more options to context menu of the TOC. The differences with the
last version, apart from a small internal refactoring are:
* Be able to open the attribute table from the context menu
* Be able to set the transparency of all active raster layers(selected
in the TOC) at a time. We are sure that this feature is going to save
a lot of time for all
You can download it from this link using the Plugin Manager, or simply
download gvpkgs and unzip it in the extensions folder:
You can find more detailed instructions for installation here[1].
Feel free to send suggestions for new features or even better patches
that implement them. In the wiki are some of our ideas for the future.
[1] https://github.com/cartolab/extTOCExtra/wiki
Francisco Puga
Grupo de Desarrollo
Cartolab - Laboratorio de Ingeniería Cartográfica.

ETS Ingeniería de Caminos, Canales y Puertos
Universidade da Coruña
Campus de Elviña - 15071 A Coruña (España)
(34)981167000 ext. 5493

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