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Use the r.in.ascii GRASS module from within
SEXTANTE to directly rasterize the data.
That way, you can deal with millions of data
points without having to go through memory
and CPU intensive operations, such as building
vector points and interpolating them back to
a raster.


On 06/03/2012 12:17 PM, Angus Jeffery wrote:
> Morning
> I want to work out an effective workflow for getting a large quantity
> of ascii .xyz data (point elevation data) into gvSIG - I estimate
> roughly 7 million points, with end use intended to be raster map in
> gvSIG or vector for export to other software (e.g. .dxf file showing
> elevation contours). Has anyone undertaken a similar task or does
> anyone have any ideas of a sensible workflow using gvSIG/grass modules
> please?
> As an alternative to using all the data, does gvSIG have an effective
> way of subsampling, so reducing the data to be processed and speeding
> up the process, accepting lower accuracy?
> Best regards
> Angus
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