[Gvsig_english] SLD grammar syntax -new question

Antonio Falciano afalciano at yahoo.it
Wed Jun 6 15:34:34 CEST 2012

Il 06/06/2012 9.48, spatialjoe ha scritto:
> Hi all,
> can someone please help me out with an SLD-expression for symbolizing
> features similar to a SQL-query like
> SELECT * WHERE "field" LIKE "%value1%" ?

Hi Johannes,
because it seems that LIKE operator and wildcards are not allowed in the
current implementation of Expressions symbology, my best suggestion
consists into using the Substring operator, e. g.

Substring([FIELD_NAME],0,6) == "string" || Substring([FIELD_NAME],1,7)
== "string"  || Substring([FIELD_NAME],2,8) == "string" ...and so on

depending on the of field length, so you have to change the
indexes properly in order to catch the substring. Hope this helps!


Antonio Falciano

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