[Gvsig_english] bug in build 1411 gvSIG 1.12: Empty addons repository

Antonio Falciano afalciano at yahoo.it
Mon Jun 11 19:30:10 CEST 2012

Hi all,
the URL of the Addons manager [1] was correctly updated, while
packages.* files in the 1.12 addons repository [2] are empty and so they
don't allow to download and install anything.
A temporary workaround for users consists into downgrading the version
number in the URL in correspondence of the "Install from URL" option
using the gvSIG 1.11 repository.


[1] https://devel.gvsig.org/redmine/issues/490
[2] http://downloads.gvsig.org/download/gvsig-desktop/dists/1.12.0/

Antonio Falciano

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