[Gvsig_english] Disappearing raster layer settings

Ruth Schönbuchner r.schoenbuchner at hotmail.de
Fri Jun 15 10:51:24 CEST 2012

Dear Yvo, 

I did try it with different gvSIG versions and it always worked fine to me. 
With which version do you get the error?
Maybe you could send a log-file that protocoll the error to the list?
Best regards, Ruth

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Date: Thu, 14 Jun 2012 07:23:10 +0500
Subject: [Gvsig_english] Disappearing raster layer settings

Dear list I am running several gvSIG projects containing raster-based topographical maps. During a session I am able to set the raster properties such as:Raster properties … -> Enhancement -> Activate == falseRaster properties … -> General -> No data -> Custom, Value == 0 After saving the project, closing and reopening the project the above mentioned settings are lost and set back to default. I also had a look in the XML-based project file. It seems that these settings are even not stored in the project file. Any ways to fix that? Thank you for any hint,Yvo ---------------------------------------------------------
Yvo Weidmann
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