[Gvsig_english] gvSIG and potential "migrants": what to do with old AV projects? Idea for a new extension

pvmstg pvmstg at hotmail.com
Sat Nov 17 14:51:41 CET 2007

Hi Wolfgang,

Yes I support this idea.  But I think is not soon that developper  
could spend time on such import feature.

I also need this to convince my colleage to use gvsig.  We have 200+  
maps projects in av3 apr and av9 mxd format.  So it's a egg and  
chichen problem.  One day could start new project on gv_sig but still  
need arcmap and arcview to update old project.  That's it's a big  
stop to introduce a third gis program.  After 4 years in arcmap only  
10% of aw3 projects have been remake in arcmaps projects.

I saw a big drawback for now.  In aw3 and better in arcmap v9 the  
symbol, querry for symbol in picto representation or labeling if far  
far more advance that it is on gv_sig.  You can make you own  
symbologie by using picture, line, picto for fill or border in area  
and line.  The picto could be a stack of many type of characters etc..

So I think the first phase of development is to give gv_sig  
capability in labeling or symbol definition at the level of esrie  
arcmap layerfile (so import of and esri layerfile could be the first  

With these layering, symbols  capability gv_sig could be (with for  
sure the dynamic graticule, utm, ddmmss, and square for roadmap) then  
appealing for new project.

But after that.... yes, yes and import script. But since esri can't  
do it for the programs....they make themself, I think it's almost a  
dream to have developper find the way to do that on gv_sig.  I know  
when in arcmap you have the import av3 project.  We try it and no,,,,  
no   maps made in aw3 could usefully be imported.  You have the basic  
but you have anyway to start again. The hability to import project  
with all the symbology, personnal database, labeling etc it's a dream  
I hope for, even if I think its almost impossible.

Just look at the problems for importing in openoffice the word  
files.... the works need to do that... GIS is far more complex so....

Sincerely yours...


Le 07-11-17 à 03:29, Wolfgang Qual a écrit :

> Hi developers,
> still, we are using ArcView 3.2 in our office, but - hopefully -  
> soon, we will use gvSIG instead. Now, colleagues came to me,  
> asking, what to do then with old ArcView projects. Well, you could  
> build them again in gvSIG, but wouldn't it be much better, if old  
> AV 3.2 or newer ArcGIS-mxd's could be imported into gvSIG? Just an  
> idea for a new extension.
> It would also be possible just to import views from ArcView - so  
> called odb-files can be made in ArcView, which is just a simple  
> textfile, probably easy to process...
> Would be interested in your thoughts about this. Maybe it would  
> also help to spread gvSIG even more widely!
> Best regards,
> Wolfgang
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