[Gvsig_english] Feature request: progress bar when loading big layers

Juan Lucas Dominguez Rubio jldominguez at prodevelop.es
Fri Apr 1 09:34:56 CEST 2011

Hello, thanks for the tests.
The SHP driver in gvSIG Mobile is not the same as in gvSIG Desktop. In theory, in gvSIG Mobile there is not a limit for the SHP file size, but for files above a certain value, it gets very slow.
However, gvSIG Mobile is not expecting very large files because it's a "field tool". You don't need to open or edit huge files in a mobile application. Therefore, investigating why a 180 Mb file did not work is not a priority. Can you send the log file to the list?
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I think, your topic belongs to gvSIG Desktop?

However, gvsig mobile could need some progressbar, too, of course. 

The question about loading vectorfiles is interesting, I think. As I've got already problems with raster files @ 25MB...(start parameter at 256MB)

I've tested some shapefiles (from http://downloads.cloudmade.com <http://downloads.cloudmade.com/> )  with the gvSIG Mobile src running in Eclipse (OS: Windows 7):

	File: france_highways.shp (size = 336277700)
	Error: "Error while opening file: Not enough memory" => no layer in ToC, but it is loaded into the map view!??
	File: spain_highways.shp (size = 185766396)
	Error: same error message
	File: germany_natural.shp (size = 152891836)
	Error: no problems!
	File: germany_highways.shp (size = 810905604)
	Error: not enough memory - of course

The problems seem to start at about 150MB? Does it depend on the computer or does it depend on java itself? is there any differences using gvsig mobile or gvsig desktop (while loading shape files) ?


Am 31.03.2011 11:27, schrieb Antonio Falciano: 

	Hi all,
	I think that a progress bar could be very useful especially when loading 
	big layers. Furthermore, I'd like to know what is the size limit of 
	vectorial layer file (SHP, DXF, DWG, etc.) in order to avoid the 
	annoying Java heap space error. Thanks in advance for your attention.

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