[Gvsig_english] Create graphs(charts) and reports

José Antonio Canalejo Alonso jacanalejo at yahoo.es
Sat Apr 16 21:08:41 CEST 2011

Hello Toni,
they aren't implemented in gvSIG.
Graphs (charts), as Fran said you, should be developed in gvSIG Sensors project.
About Reports, I only know some projects which reports could be made for 
information stored in a database, for example: 

- gvsig carreteras: http://www.osor.eu/projects/gvsigcarreteras
- Fonsagua: http://cartolab.udc.es:10001/
People ask often for these features. Maybe is someone working on them, I don't 
know. Maybe we need a common platform (wiki?) in one language where 
functionalities and sponsors will be listed. It could be that people in Country 
A are working on features who are also being developed in Country B but they 
don't know it because they develop them in different languages (spanish - 
english - french - german - italian - etc.).
I think this platform (a simply web page) could be a good way to acknowledge the 
effort sponsors made to develop gvSIG and to promote companies who made it 
possible. With this page other sponsors have more information to decide if they 
want to invest in gvSIG. 

If someone finds this platform also convenient I could help whit this purpose 
and work on this web page.
Kind Regards!

José Antonio Canalejo Alonso

De: Toni Pignataro <toni.pignataro at wheregroup.com>
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Enviado: jue,14 abril, 2011 11:50
Asunto: [Gvsig_english] Create graphs(charts) and reports

Hello dear list.

I would like to know if a functionality like creating graphs (charts) 
and reports, known from ESRI ArcMap, is yet implemented in gvSIG?

Thanks a lot and regards,
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