[Gvsig_english] bug in build 1411 gvSIG 1.12: Priority to "All supported files" in the Open dialog of Add layer

Antonio Falciano afalciano at yahoo.it
Tue Jun 12 19:07:27 CEST 2012

That's why portable versions are generally less time consuming (e.g.
build 1406) and basic users don't fall in Java gotchas. ;)
Thank you very much for the patch.


Il 12/06/2012 18.51, Francisco Puga ha scritto:
> Hi,
> I agree that is not your fault :P
> I reopen the ticket and create a patch [1], because in this case is
> easy to fix, but remember that right now gvSIG is tested with java 1.6
> and trying to maintain the compatibility with java 1.5, so only not so
> much time consuming bugs related to java 1.7 can be fixed right now.
> Said that, a different topic is discuss what should be the target java
> version of gvSIG, but this is for other thread. Just remember that the
> resources are scarce so not everything can be accomplished.
> [1] https://devel.gvsig.org/redmine/issues/323
> 2012/6/12 Antonio Falciano<afalciano at yahoo.it>:
>> Hi Francisco,
>> you're right, but that's not my fault! ;)
>> Build 1411 installer is without JRE, so I have used the system JRE which
>> is regularly updated to version 7. Is this not a bug?
>> Cheers,
>> Antonio
>> Il 12/06/2012 18.18, Francisco Puga ha scritto:
>>> Do you know which version of java are you using...
>>> After a quick test i begining to think that in java 7 the default
>>> option is raster but in java 6 works correctly, the default option is
>>> "all supported files"
>>> 2012/6/11 Antonio Falciano<afalciano at yahoo.it>:
>>>> I ask to re-open the ticket #323 [1]. It seems that "All supported
>>>> files" is always the last option in the filter of Open dialog, at least
>>>> in Italian ("Tutti i file supportati").
>>>> Cheers,
>>>> Antonio

Antonio Falciano

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